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Romeo Whiskey is your answer to the question “how can I improve my sales results quickly and sustainably?”

Rebecca Wood has coached leaders and sales professionals across North America, helping them achieve goals and surpass expectations. After working with Rebecca, many have gone on to:

  • Annually exceed ambitious sales goals,

  • Create high-performing teams,

  • Significantly increase business revenues year over year, and

  • Enjoy better results with less effort.

She is effective because she takes the time to understand your unique challenges and puts together a plan that will work for you.


If you need sales coaching, leadership training, or support in improving your communication skills, Rebecca can help. 


What makes Rebecca an expert?

  • Years of proven experience in sales where she often exceeded targets by a significant amount

  • Recognition from one of the top Chambers of Commerce in North America as a leader in building memberships in the digital age

  • The only Canadian to ever win the esteemed Sandler Sales Manager of the Year award

  • Extensive and ongoing education in commerce, business, leadership, communication, and sales

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